India Related General Knowledge

Indian State BirdsWildlife SanctuariesIndia Precedency Order
Indian State TreesScientific Research InstitutionsFirst in India
Indian State AnimalsNational Parks in IndiaWorld Heritage Sites in India
Indian State FlowersNuclear Research Centers In IndiaCities on River Bank's
Folk Dances in IndiaImportant Museums in IndiaWhere they Rest
Tribes In IndiaNational trophiesTime Line of INDIA
Important Days in IndiaBiosphere Reserves in IndiaSOBRIQUETS OF INDIA
PersonalitiesNuclear Power PlantOLD & NEW NAMES(INDIA)
Mountain PassesLogos(Govt)Misc India

World Related General Knowledge

Type of DoctorsScientific Instuments and it's UseBranches of Science
Phobia ListCurrencies of the WorldScientific Instruments Invention
National EmblemsImportant lines and boundariesCountries and National Sports
Father of NationsSOBRIQUETS(Places)International National Trophies
Sports TermsContinentsWorld Countries-Capitals-Currency
Wonders of the WorldCountry Formation Day'sNational Emblems of Countries
LogosOfficial ResidencesWell Known Personalities
ParliamentsUnited Nations YearInventions and Discoveries
Organisation and HQworld Cities on river BanksGist On Countries
Important MuseumsCompany Full NamesCompany Founder and HQ
OceansGeographical DiscoveriesFamous Rivers
VolcanoesWaterfallsMountains Peaks
IslandsDessertsPlanets & SUN
HighestHighest in WORLDSmallest In India
LargestLongestWorld's Biggest
Major Agricultural Revolutions in India
List of all Government Schemes in India
All about PAN CARD
All about Aadhaar Card
All about Licences in India
All about credit card
All about PIN CODE
Largest lakes of the World
Same country name and capital name
The Common Wealth Games
Forts In Andhra Pradesh
Forts In Daman and Diu
Forts in Delhi
Forts in Goa
Districts in India with Same Names
Election Commissions indelible Ink
Fresh water sources
Know about e-waste
Advantages of Recycling of waste
Exammaterial is the prepared for the students who are preparing for the Government exams at various levels rather in be in the state level or in the National level. we provide the material for them.


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