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Election Commission’s indelible ink


The indelible ink, also popularly known as voter’s ink, is used to mark a voter’s index finger during elections to avoid fraudulent and multiple voting. This special ink is being manufactured by a Karnataka Government owned company Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited (MPVL). This is the only company in the country which is authorized by the Election commission of India to provide the ink, also called Voter’s Ink, during all the Parliamentary, Assembly and Civic Bodies’ polls.

Ever since India gained independence in 1947 the company has provided the ink during all the General Elections in this democratic country. The ink has tested more Six thousand million voters over the last seven decades. The company was established in 1937 by Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the then Maharaja of Mysore.

It is not an ordinary ink. It cannot be removed by any chemical or any other thing. Once it is applied on the finger, it remains there for some months and clears off only when new skin cells grow. The ink is environment friendly and is biologically safe. For the present ongoing Lok Sabha polls(2014) the company has manufactured 21,000 litres of ink. The ink is also exported to countries like Thailand, Singapore, Nigeria, Malaysia and South Africa.

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