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    Effects of Cell Phones on Our Health


    Carrying expensive cell phones in our pocket for pleasure and purposely exposing it in front of our buddy does wonders to our reputation and personality. Everyone adores having a cell phone in this era. Particularly, we youngsters set upon moving with cell phones to schools and colleges. It’s good to be a part of assortments…

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    Vitamin E


    Vitamin E Function : Maintains normal conditions of cells, and healthy skin and tissues Protects red blood cells Antioxidation Enhance immunity Food sources : Green leafy vegetables, whole-wheat cereals, nuts, egg yolk Symptom of deficiency : New born infants: haemolytic anaemia Adults: weakness Symptom of excess: Low thyroxine level Headache, dizziness, fatigue Stomach discomfort, poor…

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    Vitamin – D


    Vitamin D Function : Helps body absorb and utilize calcium and phosphorus, so as to maintain bones, teeth and brain healthy Maintains normal calcium level in blood Food sources : Egg yolk, liver, cod liver oil, fish. Our skins also produces Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight Symptom of deficiency : Children: rickets Adults: osteoporosis…

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    Vitamin -A


    Vitamin A Function : Maintains eye health Promotes growth and development,maintains healthy bones and teeth Enhances the protection and regeneration of cells and mucous membrane Maintains healthy respiratory and intestinal tracts Maintain healthy hair, nails and skin Food sources : Dairy products, cod liver oil, liver, dark green and yellow vegetables and fruits Symptom of…

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    symptoms of swine flu


    Most symptoms are the same as seasonal flu. They can include: cough. fever. sore throat. stuffy or runny nose. body aches. headache. chills. fatigue.

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