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acharya j b kripalani

acharya j b kripalani – Sindhi Freedom Fighter: Gandhian Socialist Leader

One person who can be described as the most famous and well known bird of the sky of Indian politics almost for half decade, starting from 1920’s days of Non co operation movement till the days of emergency in 1970’s was none else but the SINDHI FREEDOM FIGHTER, SOCIALIST AND GANDHIAN leader , Late Shri Jeevatram Bhagwandas Kriplani , popularly pronounced as ACHARYA KRIPLANI. He was born in 1888 on the 11th day of November ,in Hyderabad Sindh [Presently a part of Pakistan] but soon after his birth family shifted to India.

He completed his education with the masters degree [M.A. in History & Economics] and joined the professional field as a teacher. He become associated with Shri Madan Mohan Malviya as his Personal secretary, but soon he left that and joined Banaras Hindu University for teaching. In the campus of this ancient and well known university he meet with Bengali girl Sucheta Majumdar and got married with her in 1936, later Sucheta Kriplani become the ever first lady Chief Minister on an Indian State.

acharya j b kripalani was highly impressed by Ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, He was said to be most ardent disciple of Gandhi ji. This Sindhi leader was always seen dressed in Khadi. In the non co operation movement he was closely associated with Gandhi ji , and join All India Congress party.

acharya j b kripalani worked as the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress from 1934 to 1946, during the partition years, he was President of party in the year 1946 -1947. British Government arrested him several times for his involvement in party programs and movements related with freedom struggle. From 1927 Gandhi ji assigned him Ashram duty of looking after the social reforms and education in the Gujrat & Maharashtra and in fact here people and workers of the party started calling him “Acharaya” a title remains in attachment with him for rest of life, but later he was send in the north for doing the same in Bihar & Uttar Pradesh, the area which become his fighting grounds for the rest of life.

After the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, He and Prime Minister Pandit Jwaharlal Nehru, were not agree on the principles of Government working and party guidelines. He was the first member to move the motion of Non Confidence on the floor of Lok Sabha. His disputes with Nehru and other congress leaders in the government were widening hence in 1951 he resigned from the congress party.

He started new political party, in 1952 he become President of Socialist Party of India, in 1954 he resigned also from this party and was independent for rest of his parliamentary life. During the years from 1946 to 1951 he was part of the Constituent Assembly of India as a member.

acharya j b kripalani was among the first opposition leaders, who were arrested on night of July 26, 1975 during the emergency. He was elected to Lok Sabha in the years 1952, 1957, 1963 & 1967. After 1970’s he started working for social and environmental causes, hence some people also recalls him as Sindhi Acharya Bhave. He was of 94 years, when on March 19, 1982, he died. We Sindhi feel proud that such great leader, who is still considered among the leaders of century from the subcontinent belongs to Sindhi community.

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